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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Connecting to the Source of Healing

It is the nature of life that light and love exists in the world, as well as darkness and pain. We find ourselves, as humans, constantly navigating between the light and the shadow. Whatever shadows we face inside ourselves often come from events that happened to us. Events that hurt us so much, we shut off our sensitivity. This results in living only a half-life, where we become much smaller and less powerful than who we truly are.

Yogi Bhajan once said about the soul coming into the body, “It was never promised that you would not get hurt. But it was promised that you would have a chance to heal.” When we get in touch with and trust the ability of the soul to guide us, the path of self-healing has a chance to reveal itself.

From my own experience, I have observed certain principles about how our soul creates the map to our own healing.

1.     We only heal what we are ready to heal. The soul will only present us with the next step it knows we can take. The catch-22 of this is that sometimes the most challenging wounds will not reveal themselves to be healed until we have done a lot of work on ourselves. In this sense, self-healing is a gradual and accumulative process. The journey allows us to build ourselves up so that we have the strength to go deeper.

2.     The soul works wholistically with the inner and outer environments. If we can recognize our entire experience of life as an expression of Spirit, then the soul constantly uses the situations around us to reflect back how we are doing with our healing journey.

3.     The soul will guide us at a pace we can handle. There is no rush in healing. No need for crisis. There is no goal and no finish line. We have the right to take our healing journey at our own pace, without it becoming overwhelming. Self-healing can be incorporated as a balanced and integrated part of life. Crises happen when we do not pay attention to the journey our soul is trying to take us through. But with the right intention, and the commitment to give this journey the time and space it needs, self-healing can be a positive part of a full and satisfying life.

4.     Healing is not an “All or Nothing” game. Self-healing is the journey to become more and more whole. At every step, we can honor what we have achieved. People are simultaneously healthy and healing at the same time. Sometimes, healing is like house-cleaning. Sometimes, it is like a renovation. Every step, we gain something, and there may be another step to take. Never feel frustrated by the fact that you “aren’t there” yet or “it isn’t finished” yet. The soul wants to express itself FULLY in time and space. This is what it means to be “free.” To be “liberated.” Self-healing allows the soul to gradually become visible and present to the conscious mind, and to time and space. Allow the unfolding to continue. There is never a limit.

These are the some of the principles that the course, “Unearth Your Personal Map to Inner Healing” is based on. I hope you will consider joining me at Soul Answer University for this unique webinar, where you can look within yourself, and begin to understand the Infinite capacity you have to heal yourself.

All Love in the Divine,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

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