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Thursday, April 05, 2012


We all long for coziness.
As a soul, in innocence,
Wanting to feel the resonate sweetness of love.
To see the smile and laughter in another persons's eyes
And know that our presence is part of the reason those eyes sparkle so bright.

We all long for coziness.
To find someone with whom the polarity of life
Actually creates balance instead of friction.
Intertwining minds, hearts, bodies, souls to become

But in our sensitivity, we can be so easily hurt.
A word, a look, a move that somehow
Brushes up against the wounds of separation and isolation
Lifetimes old.

When we can't handle our longing for coziness,
We dull the sensitive part of us.
Creating distance in our relationships.
Arguing instead of listening.
Fighting instead of flowing.

Until the heaven that is possible disappears completely.
And the pain and anger magnify into
Acts of violence, acts of war,
Callous and uncaring.

It takes an act of courage to discover
Coziness begins within.

Being sensitive to the inner Self
Gives you the strength
To be sensitive to everyone around you.

When you find coziness with your self,
Then you can include others.

Sharing instead of wanting.
Responding instead of asking.
Seeing everything and everyone as part of your family,
For a moment, for a day
Or for a lifetime.

The source of what you long for
Begins within and radiates outward.
Like the birth of a sun, crystallizing itself
To set its own heart on fire.
So that you can give light, warmth and life
To all who surround you.


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