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Thursday, January 04, 2007

At the Root: The Mystical Process of the Divine in the Mool Mantra

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

SikhNN.com has published an article of mine that I thought you might enjoy reading. For this post - click below to see the article in its entirety on their website:

When talking about Divinity, sometimes we look outside of ourselves to discuss and define God. The Creator becomes, through our own conversations, everything a human is NOT. All-powerful. All-knowing. All-seeing. All-loving. All-kindness. It is as if we humans have taken certain experiences that give us a sense of comfort, that give us a sense of security on the earth; and projected their most perfect and continual expression on a Divine Being who can do and be everything we would most like to be, but aren’t.

When Guru Nanak talks about Divinity, his language, his perception, his vision is so all encompassing that Divinity intermingles with and provides the foundation for everything in the Universe. It is the secret ingredient that gives rise to our human experience. Every single aspect of being human, whether we ourselves would judge it as “good” or “bad” is embraced as part of the Divine. It’s a union. A yoga – if you can forgive the word – between finite perception and Infinite expression. The duty we have in our human body, Guru Nanak tells us, is to simply allow ourselves to become aware of this truth, and to live in a state of gratitude for it. That’s all.

Click to SikhNN for the story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read your explanation of MOOL Mantar that You have written and all of occured this because Guru has blessed you with the knowledge and MOST important is to Experience it, therefor, only JAP and seva with love will carry us to the destiny.

The most important message is JAP and become one with that frequency of sound that comes out our mouths.
one thing I have realized that when we recite Gurbani in its pure gurmukhi form then the exact same vibrations are being created that would have been created when our Guruji recited it. And knowing this chills my body!!!!!!!!!!

Thank for your wonderful explanation, I have only one word to describe it waheguru!!!!!!!

4:14 PM  

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