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Friday, January 19, 2007

Anand Sahib Translation: Paurees 11-15

Oh my Beloved Mind
Always remember the
Ultimate Reality.

This family and
All these social relationships
That you see
Will not go with you
When you die.

Your friends and companions
Will not go with you

So why attach
Your awareness
To them?

There are so many actions
Which cause us
To hurt ourselves
Or to hurt other people

Drowning us
In illusion.

Don’t do them.

Don’t do those things
That will just lead
To endless regrets.

Deeply listen
To the instructions
Of the Teacher of Truth

And take those
Instructions with you
When you go.

Says Naanak,
Oh my Beloved Mind
Always remember
The Ultimate Reality. (11)

We cannot
Find You
No matter
Where we look.

We cannot touch You
Sense you
With our physical senses.

Your limits
Are beyond
Our reach.

Your limits
Are beyond
Everyone’s reach.

Only You, Yourself,
Your limits.

Every being
Is a musical instrument
Whom You play.

What else
Can anyone say
To explain it?

Whatever I say -
Whatever I see -
It’s all You.

You created
The entire Universe.

Says Naanak,
You are always
Than the reach
Of our senses. (12)

You search
For the experience
Of your own deathlessness
Through gods,
Through other men,
Through saints,
Through servants

But only
The Sound of Wisdom
Can awaken you
To the reality
Of your own
Deathless Spirit.

Through the kindness
Of the Teacher
The awareness
Of your own Deathlessness
Will flow in your veins

And this will cause
Your mind
To perceive
The Ultimate Reality
Seeing the Formless in form.

All the beings
Whom You play
Like musical instruments

All the beings
You Created,
Oh Love,

Some of them
See this
And surrender
To Wisdom.

In that surrender
Attachment and
Are cut away

As love for Truth
And the Sound of Wisdom
That takes you to Truth
Commands you.

Says Naanak,
When it pleases You,
Oh Divine One,
We find deathlessness
Within ourselves
Through the Sound of Wisdom. (13)

The Way of those
Who live
In Love

Is unique
And completely free.

Those who Love
Follow the Way
Of unique freedom.

It is a
Difficult path
To walk.

They turn their back
On the allurements
Of greed, attachment
And pride.

They don’t
Talk much.

Know this path
Is as sharp
As a double-edged sword
And as thin
As a hair.

Through the gift
Of the Sound of Wisdom
There are those
Who turn away
From their egos

And merge into
The Divine Essence
That dwells
In their own hearts.

Says Naanak,
The Way of those
Who live in Love

Age after age

Is unique
And free. (14)

Dear One,
Everyone moves
The way
You make them

What other virtues
Are there of Yours
To know?

The way You make
Everyone move -
They move.

And those who
Flow with You
Have found
The Way.

When You touch us
With Your kindness
Your Spirit within us
Rises up
And becomes our
Living Identity.

Who have been
Touched this way
By Thee

In every moment
On Har…Har..

The Sound of You
In our very heartbeat.

Those who
You cause
To deeply listen
To Your view of the world

Find peace
At the Teacher’s door.

Says Naanak,
Oh Master of the Ultimate Reality
Love is the way
We move. (15)

All Love in the Divine,

Ek Ong Kaar Kaur


Blogger Ajeet Yoga Healing Arts said...

Thanks for remembering we are here and we need to listen. Love from the home of gurunanak nivas.

ajeet kaur, knoxville, tn

8:35 PM  
Blogger Ek Ong Kaar Kaur said...

Love to you - thanks Ajeet Kaur. See you soon.

9:39 AM  

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